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as soon as possible. scott, thank you very such. >> to washington, mike, what is holding things up in. >> a great question. the senate is scheduled to vote on the sandy relief funding on monday at 5:30 p.m. almost two weeks after the house passed a more than $50 billion package. that was back on january 15th. here's a sample of the bipartisan emotion we heard from lawmakers from the new york metropolitan area that day. >> please remember that, when you -- cast your vote today, these are americans in need that are counting on us to stand up and do the right thing. regardless of whether you're from a state that has had disasters or note. >> people lost their homes, cars, jobs, their entire neighborhood, and there should not be different standards for different storms. or for different regions. >> while sandy victims are in the freezing cold, as you have seen from those two previous live reports, the senate has yet to act on this bill. earlier this week the senate majority leader, the person that calls up legislation for a vote, made this promise. >> the senate will continue to help our
chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mull whon said after the arb was issued as someone who has run large organizations and the secretary of state has been very clear about taking responsibility here, it was from my sper techtive, not reasonable in terms of having a specific level of knowledge that was very specifically resident in her staff. and over time certainly didn't bring that to her attention. that was admiral mike mullen. secretary, how many cables do you say arrive every year to the state department? # hadn't -- 1.4 million. can you tell me how long it takes to read 1.4 million cables? >> if i ever tried to read 1.4 million cables i don't think i'd be sitting here today. i'd probably be collapsed somewhere. i appreciated what admiral mullen said. when you sit on top of large organizations in his case the united states military, which is huge and in my case the state department and usa i.d., you put in place processes, and you have to trust the judgment and the good sense of the people in your organization. the 1.4 million cables, they come in the state department,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)